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Customer Service - Meter Information


The Authority will determine the location for all meters. If the Authority decides that the meter is to be placed within the building, the Consumer will provide free of charge and expense to the Authority an easily accessible place in the cellar near the entrance of service pipes to cellar with a stop and waste cock at the inlet side of the meter and a stop and waste cock on the outlet side of the meter; if the Authority decides that the meter is to be placed outside the building, it must be placed in an approved meter box furnished by the Authority at the expense of the Consumer, and must have suitable stop and waste valves approved by the Authority.

The Consumer will be held responsible for expense for damage to a meter through frost or his own negligence, except where the meter is installed in a meter box.


No connections or outlets will be permitted on the service pipe or pipes supplying


The Authority shall upon written request of a Consumer make a test to determine accuracy of the Consumer's meter. If the meter so tested shall be found to be accurate within the limit herein specified, a fee determined from the schedule indicated below shall be paid to the Authority by the Consumer requesting such test. If the meter so tested shall be found to be inaccurate, then the cost of the test shall be borne by the Authority. The amount of the fee shall be $20 for each water service meter having an outlet not exceeding one inch. For other water service meters having an outlet not exceeding two inches, the test fee shall be $35 per meter. The charge for a requested test of meters above two inches shall be actual cost of testing incurred by the Authority.

If a meter be found to be fast at any test by more than four (4) percent, an allowance or refund shall be made to the Consumer by the Authority, equal to all the excess charged the Consumer figured back from the date of the test through the entire period of the current bill unless it can be shown that the error is due to an accident or other cause the exact date of which can be determined in which case it shall be figured back to such time.

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