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Education Center - Water Facts

~Did you know that our bodies are made up of 65% water. 
~Our world's surface is two-thirds covered in water.  Look at a map to see the seas and oceans that cover our planet.  Other bodies of water are lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and canals. 

~Clouds and rain contain water.

~80% of the human brain is water.

~There would be no life on Earth if we did not have water.

~Life first started in water.

~People and animals all need water in order to live.  Humans can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water.

~Water is made up of a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

~The chemical name for water is H(2)O - which represents two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom.

~Water takes on three different forms:
1.)  Solid - frost , snow, ice.
2.)  Liquid - rain, lakes, oceans, streams, ponds and rivers.
3.)  Gas - water vapour.
~Temperature changes water's three forms:
1.)  Heat - in very hot climates the sun causes water to evaporate and change into vapour. 
2.)  Cool - when the weather cools down, it causes the vapour to turn into rain.
3.)  Cold - in very cold conditions, the water freezes and changes into a solid.

~Foods contain water.

~We lose water from our bodies all the time through breathing, sweating and when we go to the toilet.  Our water is replaced when we drink and eat.

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