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Job Description



Title of Position

Distribution Operator





Reports to

Distribution Foreman/Authority Manager


Overall Responsibility

Provide a safe distribution system operation and environment to provide quality potable water to the Authority’s customers


Key areas of Responsibility

Distribution Tanks/Piping/Chemical/Pressure/Hydraulics/Mapping of The System

Federal/State/Local Regulations

Oversee all aspects of Distribution, refer to Essential Job Functions


Required Skills - Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must pass a physical exam, background check, drug and alcohol screening.

Education/TrainingHigh school diploma or equivalent.

Experience: One year of public contact experience is desirable.

Essential Job Functions


Meter Reading

Reads and records consumer water meters by walking an established route; enters meter readings into a hand-held meter reading computer; ensures accuracy of readings.

Places door hangers, responds to turn-off and turn-on requests, and performs re-reads.

Examines meters for signs of tampering and reports inoperative, leaking, malfunctioning, or damaged meters and registers.

Makes field repairs to water meters and performs routine maintenance; pulls meters for calibration; generates requests to Foreman for larger repairs.

Suggests changes to improve routing and meter location information.

Locates water meters for work and construction crews.

Test/repair water meters and remotes as necessary.

Install meter couplings as necessary.

Install/replace water meters including remotes as necessary.

Maintain records of meter serial numbers, sizes, and costs, testing dates and accuracies, meter readings, locations set and set dates.

Maintain meter test bench and tanks.

Inventory and notify the Distribution System Foreman to order meters prior to running out.


Main Water Lines

Install new water mains as required by the Distribution System Foreman and/or Authority Manager.

Repair water leaks when necessary.

Check distribution system for leaks when necessary.

Flush main water lines as required by the Distribution System Foreman

Maintain appropriate records/maps of main locations, installation dates, location of leaks and dates.


Fire Hydrants

Install new fire hydrants as required by the Distribution System Foreman

Flush hydrants as required by the Distribution System Foreman

Pump down hydrants for the winter season.

Repair fire hydrants as necessary.

Maintain appropriate records/maps of hydrant locations, installation dates, flushing dates, and maintenance.


Main Line Valves and Fittings

Install new water valves and/or fittings as required by the Distribution System Foreman

Repair valves and/or fittings when necessary.

Maintain appropriate records/maps of valve, fitting locations.


Valve, Curb Boxes

Install new valve, curb boxes when necessary.

Dig up and repair or replace valve, curb boxes when necessary.

Raise/lower valve, curb boxes when necessary.

Maintain appropriate records/maps of valve, curb box locations.


Curb Stop Valves

Install new curb stop valves when necessary.

Dig up and repair or replace curb stop valves when necessary.

Maintain appropriate records/maps of curb stop valve locations.


Water Tanks

Climb and inspect as necessary using all required safety apparatus.

Drain, clean and inspect interior as required by the Distribution System Foreman

Maintain hatches.

Maintain pressure/level controls.

Maintain pits.

Maintain drainage systems.

Maintain fencing/gates and grounds.

Maintain records of maintenance and/or cleaning dates


Distribution Equipment

Maintain in good working order all power tools, perform routine and preventive maintenance.

Maintain manuals and maintenance records of all power tools.

Clean and keep organized all hand tools.

Maintain in good condition all Authority vehicles, clean inside and outside on a weekly basis, perform routine and preventative maintenance, schedule Penn Dot inspections as required. Maintain manuals and weekly maintenance checklist records including mileage.

Booster Pumps and Building

Maintain booster pumps and controls.

Maintain motors and controls.

Maintain all electrical and instrumentation panels and charts.

Maintain sump pumps.

Perform maintenance of building.

Maintain grounds.


Emergency On Call

Inclusion of on call rotation as directed by the Distribution System Foreman

Respond to emergency page location within twenty minutes.

Maintain proper operation of emergency pager.

Maintain records of all emergency calls and situations.



Perform weekly janitorial duties within the office, sweep/mop floors, wash windows, dust and/or wipe down equipment, remove trash, clean all rest room mirrors, sinks, commodes, floors and stock paper goods.

Clean and organize shop area on a weekly basis.

Clean and organize distribution/meter room on a weekly basis.

Perform maintenance of building.

Remove snow from parking lot and walks as needed when necessary, spread deicer.



Follow and abide to all safety policies in place by the Authority.

Follow regulated tank climbing procedures, inspect and maintain safety climbing devices

Follow regulated trench shoring procedures, inspect and maintain trench shoring devices

Utilize personal protection equipment for all applications

Maintain and inventory the first aid kit, report to the Authority Superintendent/Safety Director for restocking.

Report any safety issues to the Superintendent/Safety Director.

Maintain security for the distribution system



The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Environment: Work is performed primarily outdoors while walking or driving, with occasional indoor office work. Constant exposure to: excessive noise from traffic and train tracks; dust, gas fumes, or chemicals while walking or driving; blood borne pathogens and other biohazards in meter boxes; and falling objects on site and at construction locations. Frequent exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, rain; slippery or uneven surfaces and rough terrain; moving mechanical parts; noise and vibration from compressors, traffic, trains and while operating a vehicle. Work is occasionally performed at heights while working on embankments or inclines.

PhysicalCONSTANT sitting while driving or in meetings; walking meter routes, balancing on hills, embankments and ledges; stooping, squatting; bending at the neck and waist to drive, read and perform low level work; reaching below the shoulder; pushing and pulling of materials/equipment into and out of the truck and of meter lids; fine manipulation, simple grasping and repetitive use of hands to use hand held processor, read meters and operate a computer; lifting and carrying of meter lids, sticks and other equipment weighing up to 50 pounds; driving to and from meter locations. FREQUENT kneeling, climbing; twisting at the neck and waist; power grasping to shovel, opening a vehicle; lifting and carrying of meters and lids weighing up to 75 pounds. OCCASIONAL standing, crawling, and climbing to read meters and traverse hills, embankments and ledges; reaching above the shoulder; and lifting and carrying meter boxes and lids weighing up to 100 pounds.

VisionSee in the normal visual range with or without correction; vision sufficient to operate a vehicle and equipment; read computer screens, meters, and printed documents.

Hearing: Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction to listen for signs of danger, operate a radio and communicate with others.






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