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From and after February 15, 2002 any tenant of a premises desiring a supply of water to said premises must make a written application jointly with the owner of said premises on a form prescribed by the Authority which must be properly approved by the Authority or its duly authorized agent before the water service will be supplied. The owner and the tenant will be considered the Consumer under any contract for water service and will be held jointly and severely responsible for all water bills and the proper observance of the Rules and Regulations of the Authority. No agreement will be entered into by the Authority with any applicant for water service until all arrears for water, rents, bills for meter repairs or other charges due from the applicant on the Authority's system have been paid, or until satisfactory arrangements for payment of such bills shall have been made. The charge for service line connection shall be in accordance with a schedule of rates currently in effect and which is made a part of these Rules and Regulations. In no event shall a non-owner tenant alone be permitted to apply for water service to a premise.
For water service contracted for prior to October 31, 2001, if any tenant occupying a residence having water services discontinued has moved out of the Authority's service area, all possible attempts shall be made by the Authority to collect any unpaid water charges due from the tenant. In the event that the bill remains unpaid after 90 days from the date the bill first becomes due, and proper notification has been given to the owner the Authority shall refer the bill to a collection agency, and the owner of the property shall be responsible for the unpaid balance due at the premises pursuant to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act.
No owner of any premises supplied with water by this Authority will be allowed to supply other persons or families or other premises except by written permit from the Authority.

It shall be the responsibility of the owner(s) of rental property to notify the Authority if the property is being sold, so that a final meter reading may be obtained, and service may be transferred to the new owner. The owner and tenant shall be liable for water used prior to the closing of the sale of the premises. If no notification of the sale has been given to the Authority, the prior owner shall remain liable for the service until the new owner applies for service at the premises, and the Authority, at its sole discretion, shall thereafter prorate the water use and bill between the prior owner and the new owner.

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